Who We Are

Marvin Garrett spent his childhood working on his grandfather’s rice farm in south Louisiana. Working alongside the whole family is something he carried with him throughout his 42-year engineering career. In 2007, his dream of creating an agricultural family business became a reality. He began buying land in northeast Texas, and by 2012, he had acquired 15 bred Angus heifers. After researching artificial insemination and the best bulls, he bred his cows to a Wagyu Bull named Itoshigefuji TF 147.  Despite his love for Angus beef, the first steer he harvested for his freezer was the best beef he’d ever tasted. This experience led him to more study about Japanese Wagyu cattle, and he purchased his first bull in 2016.

Now, Marvin has established a solid foundation for his Wagyu cattle. He loves talking to people about the breed, and his passion has likened him to an unofficial ambassador for Wagyu cattle. That passion for Wagyu cattle and belief in the future of the breed led Marvin to becoming a seedstock producer. In 2022, G5 will host its first production sale and expects to offer 75 lots including bulls, cows, pairs, bred and open heifers, semen, and embryos.

A close-knit family, Marvin, his wife, Becky, and his daughters have built G5 from the ground up, and Marvin hopes the business will continue to thrive beyond him. Customers can rely on the family’s transparency and fairness from what happens on the ranch all the way to the meat business his daughter Dana Sloane manages.

Part of striving for excellence is data keeping, which is critically important to G5. The cattle G5 processes have data on them from ranch to rail. G5 owns a Japanese meat imaging camera to grade every carcass.  This allows G5 to determine which bulls are producing the best carcasses. Virtually everything G5 produces has graded well above USDA Prime with marble scores ranging from 4-10.5 with an average of almost 7.


All in the Family

Marvin and his wife, Becky, live on the ranch, and his daughter Dana Sloane runs G5 Cattle Meats, the retail and wholesale side of their business.

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