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For the past several years, Marvin Garrett of G5 Cattle Ranch has been traveling the country to find the best of the Wagyu breed. With a goal of continuously improving genetics to produce the best possible beef, the processed carcasses have consistently graded well above USDA Prime. Now with an established herd, G5 will host its first production sale in 2022.

Marvin is passionate about quality animals, quality care of those animals, and to ultimately produce the best quality beef. Which is why he believes in the Wagyu breed. From a cattle perspective, docility and calving ease set the Wagyu breed apart, but from the beef side, Marvin believes the Wagyu breed is the future of beef in the U.S. The marbling, tenderness and flavor profile are second-to-none, which is why it’s growing in popularity.

G5 Ranch’s Wagyu herd started with hand-picked genetics from the best bloodlines across the country and has brought them all together to create a top-quality seedstock operation. And that hands-on approach extends to G5’s customer service. As a small family business, G5 customers can have confidence in the intentional breeding decisions and care the cattle receive daily, down to the all-natural feed rations developed by their nutritionist.

The Garrett family culture and family values have extended to the G5 business, a company built on a foundation of transparency and integrity with a commitment to excellence. G5 tracks every animal from ranch to rail with meticulous data kept from genetics all the way to carcass. Their meat business allows them to see the end-result firsthand and adjust breeding decisions from there.

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G5 Wagyu Beef

"The Most-Marbled Beef in Texas."
- Daniel Vaughn,

G5 Cattle & Meats Ranch is honored and humbled to be featured in the October 2023 Texas Monthly Magazine.
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G5 Cattle Ranch strives for excellence in Wagyu genetics, cattle care and customer service with the ultimate goal of producing the best-quality beef. Known for their personal touch, G5 strives to provide each customer with the support they need to be successful.
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